All about Magic Bands

When you wear a Magic Band, it’s like having a little piece of Disney Magic on your wrist! 

Magic Bands were introduced to Disney World guests in 2013 and have since changed the way we tour Disney World. 

What are Magic Bands?

Magic Bands are a device you wear on your wrist (like you would a watch) that connect you to almost all of your travel experiences while you are at Disney World. They are RFID enabled that connects you to all of your vacation plans booked through your My Disney Experience account.

Once you are at Disney World, they act as your room key, you use them to enter the parks as your ticket information is stored on them, and you can connect a credit card to them to buy food and merchandise. The credit card is protected by a PIN code that you create. The PhotoPass photographers will also scan your Magic Band when they take your photos and then those photos are linked to your My Disney Experience account where you can view the photos. When you are ready to use one of your Fast Pass+ reservations, all you have to do is tap your Magic Band at the rides touch point and you can use your Fast Pass+ reservations with ease. Valid theme park admission is required in order to use Fast Pass+. 

If you book a Walt Disney World Resort reservation, each guest on your reservation will receive a complimentary Magic Band. Currently, they come in several different colors that you can chose from. The colors are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple and Gray. Everyone in your party can have the same color or different colors. Disney World Annual Pass Holders also receive complimentary Magic Bands. 

Magic Bands also come in a  variety of character or other themes that can be purchased in stores around Walt Disney World or through the online Disney store. There are also lots of fun accessories that can be purchased for your Magic Band.