Aulani – Waikolohe Valley and Beach Area

After you have arrived at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa and have checked in, went to your room, and maybe even unpacked,  it’s time to start exploring!  As I said in my last post about Aulani, this is a resort where you can have fun, but also find plenty of time to rest and relax.  

Waikolohe Valley

View of Waikolohe Valley from an upper floor of Aulani.

This is the most amazing pool area ever!!  There have been days where my family spends the entire day having fun and relaxing around the pool area.  The water slides are so fun, the lazy river is relaxing and the pools are all unique.  There are 8 pool areas around the Waikolohe Valley.  Several pools to swim around in, a body slide and a tube slide and the Rainbow Reef, where you can snorkel with tropical fish.  Plus, Aulani has a private lagoon, so you could head out to the beach and grab a chair and sit and relax or grab a boogie board from Makiki Joe’s Beach Rentals and hit the water!  

Waikolohe Pool

This is the largest pool at Aulani.  Believe it or not, it is an 8,200 square foot pool!! Waikolohe is Hawaiian for “mischievous water” and you will definitely find that at this pool!  You can go down the Volcanic Vertical, a tunnel body slide or party by the pool with some of your favorite characters!

Waikolohe Pool

Waikolohe Pool.

Shake -A-Shaka Pool Party

This is the place to be if you want to have a pool party with Mickey and some of his friends! There is fun music, games and activities during this surf party that is a family-friendly way to celebrate a popular Hawaiian pastime. 

Shake-A-Shaka Pool Party

Waikolohe Stream

This is my favorite pool area place to spend time!!  Go to the top of Pu’u Kilo and you can either chose to go down the Volcanic Vertical (the body slide) or Tubestone Curl.  Tubestone Curl is a tube slide.  You can ride down the slide in a single or double tube.  Once you have made it to the bottom of the slide, you can stay in your tube and take a nice, relaxing ride around Waikolohe Stream (the lazy river).  The lazy river is relaxing and fun.  There are rock formations around you, you go in and out of caves and around or under waterfalls.  

Top of Pu’u Kilo while waiting to go down Tubestone Curl

Going down Tubestone Curl.

Splash at end of Tubestone Curl. Getting ready to relax in Waikolohe Stream. 

Seeing Stitch while floating down Waikolohe Stream. 

Minnie waving at everyone floating along Waikolohe Stream.

Menehune Bridge

For the little ones, the Menehune Bridge is a fun, interactive water area! There are 2 water slides, interactive water elements, spinning gourds and the kids can climb around on the play structure.  There are also Menehune hidden all around. Menehune are the legendary people who are responsible for mysterious happenings in Hawaii.  You will see Menehune hidden all around Aulani!  Menehune Bridge is for children under 48″ tall. 

Menehune Bridge

Ka Maka Grotto

Ka Maka Grotto is an infinity pool.  It’s such a nice spot to float around and relax and look out at the ocean.  A really fun feature about this pool is if you go under the water, you can hear whales and dolphins!  There is a misty grotto and a whirlpool spa. 

Ka Maka Grotto

Ka Maka Grotto

Keiki Cove Splash Zone

For the little ones, there is Keiki Cove!  There are hidden Menehune around the splash area.   The Keiki Cove is for kids 5 and under. 

Keiki Cove Splash Zone

Rainbow Reef

Rainbow Reef is a 3,800 square foot saltwater lagoon.  Guests are able to snorkel with colorful tropical fish. There is even a viewing window to watch, if you don’t want to snorkel.  There is a fee to use Rainbow Reef. 

Rainbow Reef from above.

Stitch watching the snorkelers


Stitch looking at fish in Rainbow Reef


Are you looking for more water and beach time?  Aulani has that covered too!  Aulani has a beautiful white-sand beach that is on one of the four small lagoons along Ko Olina.  There are rock levies at the entrance of the lagoon that act as sea walls to keep the more turbulent waves from entering the lagoon.  The water is calm and you can easily swim, snorkel, or even paddle board around the lagoon.  There are some complimentary sand toys and beach equipment like boogie boards at Makiki Joe’s on the beach.  There are also items like paddle boards and snorkeling sets for a rental fee. 

View of beach area.

View of beach area.

The Aulani sailing canoe. Reservations can be made at Makiki Joe’s.

Giant Connect Four on the beach!

If you can imagine yourself relaxing and enjoying time with your family around Waikolohe Valley and the sandy beach area at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, contact me at  I would love to help you!