Disney Cruises

This section of the site is exciting because we tell you all about Disney cruises! If you’ve been wondering what a Disney cruise is really like, read on through all our cruise posts here. I am an experienced Disney travel planner and offer tons of tips to make your Disney vacation special. Did you know that while a Disney vacation is fun for all ages, it’s great to experience it through a child’s eyes! Disney World is awesome any time of year; try it with your kids for Spring Break, a fun summer vacation, a fall getaway or if you live in the northern climes, come on down for a winter vacation.

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Spring Break 2013 – Disney Dream Day 2

Spring Break 2013 – Disney Dream Day 2 Monday, March 11, 2013 Our first day to wake up on the ship. We were in Nassau, Bahamas for the day.  We headed to Cabana’s for breakfast.   Every morning, I enjoyed Eggs Benedict.  So yummy. While the ship was coming into the port, we walked around to see the first sites of Nassau. We took a few photos of the Atlantis resort behind us as it […]

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Spring Break 2013 – Disney Dream Day 1

Spring Break 2013 – Disney Dream day 1 Sunday, March 10, 2013 After we left the Universal Studios area, we drove to Cape Canaveral to stay the night at a Country Inn and Suites.  It was a decent hotel.  What was really nice is that they offer a park and cruise for $40.  We didn’t know this until we checked in.  We had planned on leaving our rental car at the cruise terminal garage and […]

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Spring Break 2013 – Universal Studios, Disney Dream

Spring Break 2013!!!! Universal Studios We tried to take advantage of every spare minute we had during this year’s Spring Break!  We started off by driving to Kansas City as soon as the kids were out of school.  We flew out the next morning to Orlando.  During Spring Break, we were able to go to Universal, a 4-night cruise on the Disney Dream and finish up our vacation at the Happiest Place on Earth…Disney World!!! […]

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