Disney's Aulani Resort & Spa - Hawaii

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Aulani – June 1, 2014 – Day 6!!

Today, was a fun, exciting day!  I wanted to have some really nice family photos taken at sunset on the beach.  You can arrange for this at Aulani.  It isn’t something you can schedule before you leave for your trip…you have to be at Aulani in order to reserve a time.  So, on our first day at Aulani, one of the first things I did was go to the PhotoPass Center and give them a […]

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Aulani – May 31, 2014 – Day 5!!

On our 5th day, the kids wanted to participate in a few of the classes in Aunty’s Beach House. You can look at the Daily ‘Iwa Guide to see what activities are going on throughout the resort.  We had noticed that both Stitch’s Space Goo and Eruption Disruption were happening during the day.  These are two really popular activities in Aunty’s Beach House and the space is limited.  With these activities, you can sign up […]

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Aulani – May 30, 2014 – Day 4!!

We started our day off like almost all days at Disney’s Aulani Resort & Spa.  We ate breakfast in our room and then made our way down to the pool area.  We had booked the Paradise Cove Luau for that evening.  So, we knew we wanted to take it a little slower during the day so that we were not too tired for the luau that evening. After we had swam and ate lunch, I […]

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Aulani – May 29, 2014! Day 3!!

It was a beautiful day!  Although, I think everyday in Hawaii is a beautiful day! After a quick breakfast in our room, we got ready for the pool.  We spent most of our morning playing and hanging out in the Waikolohe Valley…the pool area of Aulani.   After we swam and went down the slides a few times, Michael and Zachary wanted to go back to the Rainbow Reef.  Taylor decided she didn’t want to.  So, […]

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Aulani – May 28, 2014!! Day 2- Part 2

After spending the first few hours of our morning checking out Aunty’s Beach House and meeting Stitch, we walked back to our room to change so we could hit the pool! Michael and the kids wanted to try out the Rainbow Reef pool.  This is a snorkeling pool with hundreds of fish inside it.  It is an additional fee to swim in this pool and then snorkeling gear is included in the fee. I chose not to […]

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Aulani – May 28, 2014!! Day 2- Part 1

After a wonderful night’s sleep, we were up and ready to spend a full day exploring Disney’s Aulani Resort.  Each night, you can pick up a copy of the Daily ‘Iwa at the font desk for the next day.  This is an activities schedule showing everything there is to do at the resort that day.  They usually have them ready for pick up at the front desk around 8 p.m. for the next days ‘Iwa.  We […]

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Aulani!!! – May 27, 2014!

The day had finally arrived!!  We were heading to Disney’s Aulani Resort & Spa!!!  We checked out of our hotel in Waikiki and decided to drive to Aulani…even though it was early and we were certain that our rooms would not be ready when we arrived. The drive from the Honolulu area to the Ko’Olina Resort area (where Aulani is located) was not a difficult drive (there are not many highways in Oahu).  However, the […]

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Hawaii – May 26!

This day happened to be Memorial Day.  Not thinking about it, about a month before we left for our trip, we went ahead and purchased tickets to go to Pearl Harbor…we bought them for Monday, May 26, 2014…Memorial Day!  It was a neat experience to be there on Memorial Day! We made the drive from Honolulu to Pearl Harbor.  We got there before they opened and there was already a pretty long line.  One tip […]

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Hawaii!!! May 24 & 25, 2014

I can not believe that our trip to Hawaii has already came and gone.  We had such a great time!! I can’t wait to go back someday!!  We knew we wanted to go to Disney’s Aulani Resort & Spa, so we started planning this trip last summer!  We stayed at Aulani for 7 nights, but after we had booked our Aulani stay, decided to arrive earlier than that and stay in Honolulu for a few […]

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