Day 5 on Disney Fantasy – June 15, 2016

On our fifth day, the Disney Fantasy took us to Jamaica!  When we woke up that morning, the ship was almost to Jamaica.  At first, the island did not look anything like I had pictured it.  There were a lot of trees.


But, then the ship turned around and we were facing the port in Falmouth and it looked more like what I had pictured in my head.

jamaicaarrival_2_c jamaicaarrival_3_c

After breakfast at Cabana’s, it was time for us to go to our meeting place to leave for our excursion to Dunn’s River Falls in Ochos Rios.  We got on a small tour bus and drove quite a ways to Dunn’s River Falls. Here is one of the views from the bus as we were driving.


We stopped at a Jerk Chicken stop on the highway so those who needed to could buy water shoes (you have to have water shoes or some sort of good shoes to climb the falls.) After that stop, it wasn’t long before we were at Dunn’s River Falls.


We were divided up into smaller groups and then lead down to the beach by our Falls guide.  The beach was really pretty.


Then, it was our turn to start climbing.  We both had our iPhones and took several pictures along the way.  Don’t worry, we had put them in a waterproof phone case that we had tested many times before we actually put our phones in them. Most of my pictures of Dunn’s River Falls show too many of the other climbers to post here.  But here are a few…




Dunn’s River Falls has a height of approximately 1,000 feet.  The water is kind of cold, but it was really hot the day we were there, so it kind of felt good and I don’t like cold water.  You would climb up the falls in a chain with the people in your group, holding hands with the person in front and behind you.  Every so often, you would get so high and then have to climb down into a pool of water and walk across to get to the next area to start climbing again.  It was fun, but scary too.  Something I’m glad we did, but also something that I’m glad no one got hurt because it could very well happen and I’m sure does from time to time.  The rocks can be very slick and if you don’t step in the right spot, you can easily fall.  Not to mention the fact that you are climbing against the current of water that is rushing down the falls.

After we finally made it to the top, we went back to our bus to wait on the others.  It was starting to rain a little, so our timing was really good for finishing the falls when we did.  We rode back to the port in Falmouth and looked through some of the shops around the port area. I thought the port area in Jamaica was one of the nicer port areas I have been to.

Below is Dumbo on the Disney Fantasy.  Isn’t it cute?!


We went back to the room and cleaned up.  Then did one of our favorite things and sat on our verandah and watched the people come back to the ship.  We were entertained by a port worker who had everyone who was sitting on their verandahs chanting with him and doing the wave.  It was fun.  There was another ship at port too and when we started to leave, our ship and the other ship got into a “horn battle”.  That was fun to experience!  Of course, the Disney Fantasy won!!  Once it’s horn started playing “When you Wish Upon a Star”, the other or ship’s horn couldn’t compete!

That night, it was Pirate Night!!!  This is such a fun night to be on a Disney cruise!  The show is on the pool deck and the first show is with Mickey and friends trying to save the ship from Captain Hook and Mr. Smee and his goons.

piratenight1_c piratenight2_c

Later, the show is Pirates in the Caribbean and Captain Jack makes an appearance!  It’s always a fun show to watch too!

piratenight3_c piratenight4_c

The evening is concluded by Fireworks at Sea!  So awesome to be on the pool deck and watch the fireworks go off over the Aqua Duck tube!  A few cruises back, we took a tour of the ship and were told that the fireworks help feed the fish in the ocean.  So cool that Disney does stuff like that!


After a fun, but tiring day, we made our way back to our stateroom for a good night’s rest!