Day 6 on Disney Fantasy – June 16, 2016

Our sixth day on the Disney Fantasy was a full day at sea.  I always like have a few sea days mixed in with an itinerary because it gives you time to rest and relax and just enjoy the ship.  There aren’t any excursions to get to, so if you want to sleep in a little and have a late breakfast, it’s no big deal!

Taylor spent a lot of her day at Edge with some of the friends she had made on the ship.  They had many different activities for the kids to do.  Zachary had been waiting for a chance to check out the Muppet’s version of the MidShip Detective Agency.  He had played the MidShip Detective Agency on the Dream, but the Fantasy has a Muppets version too! If anyone knows me, you know I love the Muppets…Mahna Mahna has been my ringtone ever since I got my first iPhone!

The Muppet version was cute.  I really loved that they included a special stateroom door on the ship for Pepe!

sea_detective_1_c sea_detective_2_c

One thing I love about being on a Disney cruise is you never know when someone really important is going to walk out in front of you!


Or you might see someone else just hanging around.


Or you might stop and take a quick photo with a couple of fun characters!


For dinner that evening, we were back at the Animator’s Palate.  This has always been one of my favorite restaurants on the Disney Dream, but on the Disney Fantasy, you get two different experiences!  The first night we ate at Animator’s on the Fantasy was with Crush from Finding Nemo.  The second night we ate at Animator’s, we became the animators.  It was so cool. The servers give everyone a paper placemat and crayons when they arrive.  You draw a character on the placemat and then give it back to the server.  Later in the meal, the show starts and all of the drawings from every single person in the restaurant are on the screens and they are all ANIMATED!!!  So cool!  I watched the guy I drew walk and dance around the screen.  It was fun to see everyone’s drawings.  I don’t want to show my video of it (because it is long, but I also don’t want to ruin it too much for anyone)…if you want to see it, book a cruise on the Disney Fantasy through me! Here is the character I drew.


That night, was the special PremEAR of Finding Dory on the Disney ships.  If you are ever on a Disney cruise and a movie is being released, they will also show it on the ships.  We went to the midnight showing of Finding Dory and were some of the first people to see this very cute movie.  It was such a fun atmosphere too…unlike going to see any movie at any regular movie theater.


And of course, we had more cute towel art waiting for us that night!