Disney World 2012 – Day 3 – Hollywood Studios

WDW 2012 – Day 3 – Hollywood Studios!

On our third day, we made our way to Hollywood Studios.  The morning started off really nice.   We immediately headed towards our favorite ride…Toy Story Mania!  It is so fun…if you have never been on it before, it is a 3D ride that takes you through an arcade/carnival type atmosphere.  With the help of the Toy Story gang and the gun attached to the cars you ride in, you can score points popping balloons, playing a ring toss game, breaking plates and more!  The lines for this ride get pretty long no matter what time of the year it is, so you always want to get to it first thing and also get fast passes for it so you can ride it again!

After we rode Toy Story Mania, we headed over to the Star Tours ride to see where the ride would take us this time.  Star Tours is a 3D simulator ride.  It has recently been refurbished so the 3D aspect of it is new.  Every time you ride it, there is the chance that you will go to a new Star Wars planet.  The kids loved it!

While we were at Disney World, Hollywood Studios was celebrating Star Wars Weekends.  They brought in special celebrity guests, had parades and more.  They also had Star Wars photo backdrops all over different areas of the parks.  Here are the kids being Storm Troopers!



On our way to lunch, we stopped and took photos.  My favorite fountain is the one outside of Muppet Vision 3D!  I LOVE the Muppets and this fountain is just so cute!

We also stopped and took our picture with the Streets of America as the background!


We had lunch at the Backlot Express and it was a pretty good counter service option.  After lunch, we headed back up to see The Indiana Jones Stunt Show Spectacular.


After watching Indiana Jones, we made our way over to the Beauty and the Beast show.  Both Indiana Jones and Beauty and the Beast were being performed at the same times, so if you go, make sure you check your Times Guide to decide which times work best to see the shows.


While we were watching Beauty and the Beast, a storm rolled through, so this gave us the perfect opportunity to look in the stores and shop a little!  It was also time to bring out the ponchos!!


Taylor thought this hat was funny!  We love trying on different silly hats around Disney World and take our pictures wearing them.

By this time of the day, it was time for dinner.  We had reservations at 50s Prime Time Cafe.  It’s another restaurant that we really like.  It feels like you have stepped into a 50s cafe and is known for “mom’s home cooking.”  The wait staff can be really fun if they chose.  They will remind you of table manners and keeping your elbows off the table.  Our waitress was really good, but she was a little quiet.  There were a couple of other tables in our section of the restaurant whose waiter was hilarious.  He constantly picked on them, sang them songs and told jokes!  There are also black and white TVs throughout the restaurant showing segments of old TV shows.


Zachary and Taylor at our booth inside 50s Prime Time Cafe being their silly selves!

Before we left the park, we had to get one picture of the 4 of us with Mickey’s hat.


Even though it rained, it was still fun and very MAGICAL!!!

Have a great day!!!