Disney World 2012 – Day 6 – Hollywood, Epcot and a storm!

WDW 2012 – Day 6 – Hollywood, Epcot and a storm!

This day was a really exciting day for us!  We got up and headed for Hollywood Studios.  It was the last day of Star Wars Weekends…and that was something we had never been to.  Of course, it did make the park a little more crowded and we didn’t hang out there very long, but it was fun and what made it exciting was we got to meet up with our old friends/neighbors while we were there!

We got to the park and were greeted by a bunch of Storm Troopers who were guarding the gates!! They were standing above the entrance.  My favorite thing about them was when one of them said to the other, “I think we should just blast them all.”  Speaking of all of us who were trying to get into the park.  The second one said, “Nah, it would just be messy and then we would have to clean it up!”  It was pretty funny.



There were tons of events going on that were all about Star Wars, so if you are a huge fan of the films, this would be for you!  Throughout all of Star Wars Weekends, they had celebrity Star Wars guests…since they were not celebrities like Harrison Ford, I didn’t recognize any of them.  There were areas around the park with special photo ops and the Disney characters were dressed up too!

Once we got inside the park, we made our way over to the Star Tours ride.  We figured we needed to ride it since the day was all about Star Wars at the park.

After riding Star Wars, we met up with mom and Darrell and made our way over to Toy Story Mania…have I mentioned how much I LOVE this ride!?!




Michael and Taylor settled into their Toy Story Mania car…3D glasses on and ready to go!

After riding TSM, we decided to sit down and relax while riding The Great Movie Ride.  To me, this is a great ride to be on when it is hot outside. It gives you a little time to sit and relax in air conditioning and also be taken through scenes from famous movies.

By the time the ride was over, I had received a text from our friend, Erika and they were ready to meet up!  It was so nice to see our friends again.  They moved a few years ago and the kids used to play together almost everyday.  Even though it had been a while since the kids had seen each other, they picked right back up and hit it off again!  All of us made our way to Muppet Vision 3D and watched the show.  I love the Muppets and love this show!

As we left the show, we noticed Phineas and Ferb were outside.  All of the kids wanted to meet them and surprisingly, the line wasn’t very long!  A few days before when we were at the park, the line to meet these characters was so long that we had to walk on by.  All the kids were able to get their picture taken together with Phineas and Ferb…what a great momento for us to have of our get-together at Disney World!!

Of course, this is just a photo of Zachary and Taylor with Phineas and Ferb, but I love the photo of all 4 kids together!!


By this time, Michael, the kids and I needed to leave Hollywood to go to Epcot for lunch…and the kids were wanting to make their way back to the resort to swim a little.

As we left Hollywood, there were actors all over Hollywood Boulevard.  I thought this car was cute!


We took the boat to Epcot from Hollywood.  In the past, we have stayed at the Beach Club resort and became very familiar with taking the boat from Hollywood.  I prefer it over the bus!


As we went by the Yacht and Beach Club…and Stormalong Bay, I had to take a photo of our favorite resort.  I LOVE  Bay Lake Towers and it is very MAGICAL with it’s views of the castle and Bay Lake, but the Beach Club will always be my favorite of the Disney resorts!

We got off the boat at Epcot and made our way into the World Showcase.  The boat dock is behind the World Showcase area of Epcot and there is a second entrance on that side of Epcot.

We were all hungry, so the kids, mom and I made our way to our favorite place…the Boulangerie Patisserie.  Yes, we had already ate there once on this trip…but it is our favorite and I could eat there almost any day of the week.  I had my usual toasted ham and cheese on a croissant and this time tried the chocolate cake of the day!  YUMMO!




After we ate, the kids kept asking about the pool.  So, we made our way back to the front of Epcot and left.


Once we were back at the resort, the four of us changed and headed to the pool!  It was pretty warm that day, so the kids were ready! I decided not to get in, but take photos of the kids having fun at the pool instead.


The photo above is the kids sitting by the first members fountain.  When they opened up Bay Lake Towers, the first members to join the Disney Vacation Club at Bay Lake were able to have their names put in tile around the fountain.


Zachary walking towards the entrance of the pool.  The pool does have a locked gate and you can only access it with a key card from Bay Lake Towers.  The slide was a lot of fun.  I tried it out on a different day!


Zachary coming down the slide and into the pool!


Taylor making her way down the slide!

After Michael and the kids had enough pool time, we went back to the room to clean up and get ready for our dinner at ‘OHana’s at The Polynesian Resort.  When we got there, we found these cute little guys all over the place and the kids had to pose with each of them.




We made our way to ‘OHana’s and had dinner. It was so good.  The food is served family style and they will keep bringing  you food until you tell them to quit!



This is one of the cooks at the grill.  They served chicken, beef and shrimp…along with dumplings, salad, noodles and more!


During dinner, the entertainment started.  The man who was singing asked for all the kids to join him.  They formed a little parade line around the restaurant and shook their maracas.  Later, the kids all got to join in playing Limbo!

After dinner, we decided to take the monorail to the Magic Kingdom to walk around a little and walk off dinner.  Right as we got there, the clouds started looking mean and there was some lightening in the distance.  Michael, the kids and I decided that we would head back to Bay Lake instead.  Instead of taking the monorail back, we decided to walk. It is a half-mile walk from the entrance of Magic Kingdom to the entrance of Bay Lake Towers.  We got up to our room and about five minutes after that, the storm hit.


This is a picture of the clouds right before it started to rain.  On the news that night, the weatherman said that in a 30-minute time frame there had been over 4,000 lightning strikes…most of those in our area.  I’m so glad we decided to go back to the room and watch the storm from there.  I got some really neat photos of the storm from our balcony.  My favorite photo is of the one below:


This day was definitely a busy, but MAGICAL day!!!