Disney World 2012 – Day 7 – Magic Kingdom and Epcot!

WDW 2012 – Day 7 – Magic Kingdom and Epcot!

This was our last full day at Disney World.

That morning, after getting up and going to the Contempo Cafe for breakfast…


Who can resist a Mickey waffle?!

After breakfast, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom.  It was a Monday, so I knew it would be crowded.  I had been told years ago by a cast member that the Magic Kingdom is always very busy on Mondays because people who start their vacations on Monday morning want to go to the Magic Kingdom.  So, we usually try not to go there on Mondays, but kids were wanting to ride Splash Mountain one more time.

We got to the park before it opened and were able to see the train come into the station and watch the opening show!


Since we knew we were going to Frontier Land, we decided to take the train to that side of the park.  This was a good idea because we were some of the first to get to that side and Big Thunder Mountain had no waiting.  So, Michael and Zachary headed toward that ride first.  Taylor and I found a good spot by the exit to take photos.  Big Thunder Mountain is a ride I know she would love, but we can’t convince her to ride it.


But, I did get a picture of her in front of Big Thunder Mountain!


It wasn’t long before Zachary and Michael’s train came through.

After Zachary rode it with his dad, he and I decided to ride it together.  We were able to get in the first car!!



When we had finished riding Big Thunder Mountain, the kids were ready to ride Splash Mountain. So, off they went to get soaked.  I decided to stand on the bridge and take pictures.


Off they go to plunge into the Briar Patch!!!

I found a good spot to take pictures of them as their took the plunge!


They are in the back two rows.  Michael looks like he is holding his head, but I think he is trying to keep his sunglasses on.


Surprisingly, they didn’t get that wet.  I know from experience that if you sit in the front row, you get drenched!

After we got these two rides out of our way and I visited with another mom whose kids go to our school (funny who you meet and see when you go to Disney!), we decided to head over to Epcot so we could make our way around the World Showcase before dinner.

We made sure to ride Soarin’ again, while the guys rode Mission: Space.  We decided to meet up at the Brave area.

You get to spin the wheel to see which family you belong too.  Taylor and I both spun it and we both landed in the DunBroch family.  Whew!  That’s what we wanted since that is the main character of the movie’s family.


They had different stations set up for the kids (and adults) to play games that are played in the movie.  Taylor tried out her archery skills!


After were were done with the Highland Games from Brave, we made our way to our favorite french counter service restaurant.  I think it gets better every time!


A quick stop to take our photo with the Eiffel Tower and French Pavilion behind us!

As we were walking back to the Boulangerie Patisserie, there was a fun show taking place in front of Les Chefs de France…a table service restaurant in the French Pavilion.  This guy had stacked a bunch of chairs on top of 4 wine bottles and as he stacked the chairs, he climbed the chairs.  When he got to the top of the chairs, he did this move! It was quite amazing!!


These are the things I love about the World Showcase, all the countries have special acts that happen as you are walking around.  It is so entertaining!!

After lunch, we walked around the World Showcase.   We walked through Morocco and took some fun photos!


The kids also met Jasmine!  She was very impressed by their pin collection!


We stopped in Germany…I bought Caramel Corn and Michael got a beer.


Zachary really wanted to ride Maelstrom…a water ride in the Norway Pavilion.  After riding, we had to take pictures with Viking hats!


Next on Zachary’s list was to ride The Grand Fiesta in the Mexico Pavilion!


After riding, Taylor and I took a moment to take more hat photos!


We had successfully made our way around the World Showcase and still had some time before dinner.  We decided to go hang out in the air conditioning of Innoventions West.

The kids had so much fun in here…more than I thought they would.  They started off by playing a game where they were able to put themselves in a video game.  Then, we moved on to The Great Piggy Bank Adventure.  This was one of their favorite things to do.  It is a game all about saving money and financial planning.  There were different stations throughout the game and you took your assigned piggy bank to it to play the game and save or make money.



After playing with the piggy banks, we continued walking around and came up on a photo spot that was only for Disney Visa Card holders.  We didn’t know what to expect, but decided to go in and see.  On the other side of the curtain, was Mickey and Pluto waiting for us!  We took our photo and then were told that we would get a free 5×7 if we went to the photo area of the park before we left.  More Disney MAGIC!!!  There wasn’t a line and it was a great meeting with Mickey and Pluto!!


We had one last area in Innoventions to check out…it was “Where’s the Fire.” This taught everyone about being safe in your home so that fires can be prevented.

By this time, it was time for our last table service meal at Disney World.  We ate at The Garden Grill in the Land Pavilion.  This restaurant rotates while you are eating.  As it rotates, you are able to view portions of the Living with the Land attraction.  Some of the food that is served at The Garden Grill is actually grown in the greenhouse that you pass through on Living with the Land!  This dinner is hosted by Chip and Dale and Mickey and Pluto are there too!  The food is served family style and it was all delicious!  The Garden Grill will definitely be a restaurant we go back to!





After dinner, we made our way back to Bay Lake Towers to finish packing.  The four of us had one more morning to spend at Disney World before the Magic Express would come and take us back to the airport.