Disney World 2012 – Day 8 – Magic Kingdom

WDW 2012 – Day 8 – Magic Kingdom!

It had to happen, there was no way to stop it…the last few hours of living in the MAGIC of Disney Words was coming to an end and soon we would be heading back to reality.

Before we had left for the trip, we had told the kids that they could enroll in the Secret Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and see what that was all about since it was something new and we had never participated in it before.  During the whole week that we were there, we never had a chance to do this, so we knew that we had to let them try it out on our last morning.

We headed over to the Magic Kingdom early and got there before park opening.  There were quite a few people there, but since we had gotten there early enough, we were really close to the entrance…right where you want to be at rope drop!


Just a cute picture of Zachary and Taylor waiting for rope drop!

As soon as we got inside, we headed straight towards the Main Street Fire Station…or the Secret Sorcerers Recruitment Center.  We signed up to help save the Magic Kingdom from the Disney villains!


When you sign up, you get a set of special cards and become one of Merlin’s apprentices.  Your duty is to go around to special portals in the different lands and fight off the villains using the spells on the cards.

As we headed out of the fire station to our first mission, we saw one of our favorite dogs!


Pluto waved a quick hello and then was on his way!

We made our way back to Fantasy Land and the kids both found their first portals and got their first assignment from Merlin.




Each designated area has a lock (like in the middle picture) and you put a card up to it and it activates the portal.  It’s really cool…most of them were in shop windows or on the sides of buildings.  The area would be blank or look like a regular shop window until someone came up with the key card and activated it.

Different Villains would be seen in the portal and they would try to take over the Magic Kingdom.  The kids would pick from their stack of cards a particular spell and hold it out in front of them and that spell would be activated in the scene playing out on the window.

Taylor and I became a team and Michael and Zachary became a team.  We soon had to split up because our games took us to different lands around the Magic Kingdom.  After both kids had saved Fantasy Land, Taylor and I left to fight villains in Frontier Land and Zachary and Michael were sent to save Adventure Land.

Zachary loved playing this interactive card game throughout the Kingdom.  Taylor lost her momentum with it the moment she saw the Flying Carpets.  So, she and I took a break from fighting villains and took flight on a magic carpet instead!


After we flew on our magic carpet, we walked back to Adventure Land to try to catch up with Michael and Zachary.  Frontier Donald was on his way out, so of course, we had to meet him!!


Zachary wanted to finish playing the game, so we decided we would meet back up with them when it was time to leave and Taylor and I headed over to the Storybook Circus area so we could ride The Great Goofini/Barnstormer one last time!



While we were at the top of the hill of this coaster, it gave me a chance to snap a few pictures of the Fantasy Land construction.


You can see one of the blue striped circus tents. Just beyond that is Prince Eric’s castle that will be part of the new Little Mermaid area and then beyond that is the Beast’s castle from Beauty and the Beast.  I am so excited for this new area to be open and all the new and MAGICAL experiences it will bring!!!

After we rode the roller coaster, we decided to take the train back to Main Street.


We met back up with Michael and Zachary and left the Magic Kingdom.  We went back to the Contemporary for a quick lunch and to wait on our Magical Express bus to come and take us to the airport.  We were a little early and that really worked out for us.  We were able to get on a different Magical Express bus and get to the airport 30 minutes before scheduled!


Zachary on the Magical Express.


Michael and Taylor on the Magical Express.

Since our checked luggage had already been taken care of that morning at the hotel, we were able to enter Orlando International and head straight to security.  I love that Disney offers this service to make the coming and going at Disney World so much easier.

We had a MAGICAL time while we were there and can’t wait to go back.