Disney World Day 5/Vero Beach Day 1!!!

Disney World Day 5/Vero Beach Day 1!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sadly, today was our last day at Disney World.  We woke up a little early to finish packing and get our luggage checked in with Bell Services so we could go to breakfast and then to the Magic Kingdom for the first half of the day.

We had breakfast reservations at ‘Ohana at the Polynesian Resort.  To make sure we got there on time, we took a taxi from The Boardwalk to The Polynesian.  I highly recommend doing that if you have breakfast reservations at a different resort than yours.  The buses do not go from resort to resort and it’s too much of a hassle to try to figure out which park to go to in order to then get close to the resorts (since the parks are not open yet).

We got to the Polynesian a little early and decided to walk around the resort a little.  Then, we went and checked in for our breakfast a little early and we were able to get a table without much wait.

This character breakfast is hosted by Lilo and Stitch and Mickey and Pluto were there too!  ‘Ohana is a yummy place to eat for dinner too!  Breakfast is the only time that characters make an appearance at ‘Ohana.






Our breakfast at ‘Ohana was really good!  We were definitely stuffed!!  We left the Polynesian and took the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom.  We got there with plenty of time and were able to see the opening show and the Walt Disney World train pull in at Main Street with all the characters on board.


When we got inside the park, Michael and Zachary headed off to Tomorrowland to ride Space Mountain.


Taylor and I started walking towards Frontierland to ride Big Thunder Mountain.  As we were walking down Main Street towards the castle, we realized we were being followed.  When we turned around, Alice and Wendy were behind us having a cute conversation about their days in their British accents.  We said hello and then they walked in front of us to hurry on to their locations for the day.  Alice skipped off and Wendy ran up the front sidewalk of the castle with her arms out like she was flying.  So fun!!!


Taylor and I made it to Frontierland and then found out that Big Thunder Mountain was not working properly.  The cast members were not sure how long it would take for the ride to start working right.  I asked Taylor is she wanted to stay and see what would happen or go do something else.  She decided we would wait for a little bit.  There were a few people in line in front of us, but they started leaving.  We ended up being the first ones in line and within 5 minutes they opened it up.  We got to follow the cast members into the ride and were officially the first family on Big Thunder Mountain that morning.  Taylor was so excited!!!






After the ride was over, we headed back to Tomorrowland by going through Adventureland to pick up a few fast passes for The Jungle Cruise. We then made our way to Tomorrowland to meet up with Zachary and Michael to go to Monsters Inc., Laugh Floor.  Michael was chosen as “that guy” during the comedy show.  He had to get up and dance while they showed him on the screen.



After the Laugh Floor, we stopped for a few photopass photos.




We went back to Big Thunder Mountain and rode it again.  Then we started to head towards The Jungle Cruise.  On our way, we stopped at the Pirates Adventure to get our map so we could do the adventure while in Adventureland.


The Pirate Adventure is a brand new interactive scavenger hunt that takes you through Adventureland.  When you find a clue, things in that area of the park will come alive.  It’s pretty cool.


While we made our way around doing the Pirate Adventure, we also rode Pirates of the Caribbean and used our fast passes at The Jungle Cruise.



By this time, it was time for us to head back to the exit of the park.  On our way out though, we found the Limited Time Magic with some of the old Disney friends.  We were able to get pictures with the Robin Hood gang and Dr. Facilier and Louis from Princess and the Frog.  The other characters that were out were Chicken Little and Br’er Rabbit and all those characters.



We then went back to The Boardwalk, had lunch and then Michael walked over to The Dolphin to pick up our rental car.  It wasn’t long before he was back with it and we were loaded up and on the highway leaving Disney World.Next stop…Disney’s Vero Beach Resort!!!!!


The drive to Vero Beach was pretty easy…especially for me since I wasn’t driving :)It took us just under 2 hours to get there from Disney World.  Not too bad.


The resort itself is right on the ocean…the ocean is practically out the back door. After we got to our room, we decided to go out an investigate our new home.  From where our room was located, it took just a few minutes to walk to the pool.

The resort is sectioned off into the Main Building (or the Inn).  The Villas are in separate buildings around the resort area.


There are also private cottages that you can stay in.  Such a great idea for a large family or gathering.


Right across from the entrance to the pool is one of the entrances to get to the beach.  We headed that direction next. Below is the pool with the fun lighthouse slide.


There is a boardwalk to get to the beach.



This portion of the coastline is where the sea turtles come in and lay there eggs.  This was part of the reason we chose this time of the year to go to Florida.  We wanted to see Loggerhead Sea Turtles and had signed up for a Conservation Walk while we were there.  Along the beach by the Disney resort, they go in and stake off areas where the turtle nests are.


We walked around and explored the resort a little more before we left for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.

Below is the back portion of the Inn.


I loved this sign…it shows how far all of the Disney Vacation Club resorts are from Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.