Disney World July 2013 Day 4!!!

Disney World Day 4!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Animal Kingdom…here we come!!!

We arrived at Animal Kingdom a little after it opened…not what we usually do.  We are normally always at the parks long before they open so we can be first inside, but we had a late night the night before and took our time getting around the next morning.

Normally, we get inside the park and bypass all of the animals in the front areas because we are rushing with the crowd to get in.  This time, we stopped and paid attention to some of them.  There was this one bird that was intentionally trying to start a fight with the other birds.  It was kind of funny, he would walk up behind the other birds and bite them in the butt!


Michael headed to Expedition Everest to get our fast passes and the kids and I headed towards the Kilimanjaro Safari.  It’s always good to ride the safari early in the day because the animals are usually the most active.  Zachary and Taylor were a little hungry, so we stopped at the fruit stand by the safari to get them a healthy snack/breakfast.


It wasn’t long before Michael had caught up with us and we got in line for the safari. A lot of the animals were out and about.  We saw a lot of hippos, the lions were on their rocks and they were talking!AK3




After the safari, it was time to go to Everest!!! This is one of my favorite rides!!!!  Love the the setting around it and the ride is so fun!!!



After we rode Everest, we went to Kali River Rapids to pick up fast passes.  We checked out the monkeys while we were there.


It was time for lunch. So, we went to our favorite counter service restaurant at Animal Kingdom…Flame Tree BBQ.We then headed over to Dinoland.  Zachary wanted me to ride Dinosaur with him.  So, he and I went there and Michael and Taylor rode Primeval Whirl and had a snack while they waited for us.


Zachary and I then met back up with Taylor and Michael and we rode Primeval Whirl together.  The kids love this ride.  It is fun, but it really flips you around the track!



After we got off this ride, a cast member came on over the speaker system and told everyone they were watching a storm that was moving into the area and to be prepared for the possibility of some of the rides to be shut down.  It’s good to know that they do pay attention and watch for the thunderstorms ahead of time and alert the guests.  I immediately looked at the radar on my phone and we knew we had plenty of time to make it back to Kali River Rapids to use our fast passes.

We are wimps and do wear our ponchos on the water rides.  I hate walking around in wet clothes.  However, while we were on Kali River Rapids, I got hit with a really big splash of water and somehow this giant mass of water found a hole or something in my poncho and made it through.  My shorts were soaked…I could ring them out.  So much for the poncho keeping me dry!

It wasn’t long that the storm started moving in.  We tried to make it to the Finding Nemo show, but everyone else had that idea too and it was a full show.  We knew we had enough time to make it to the Festival of the Lion King before it started, but by the time we made it to the shops around the center of the park, it was starting to pour.  We ducked into a store (with a bunch of other people) and stayed there.  I ended up buying myself a few new kitchen towels that are really cute.  The main purpose for me buying them though was so I could sit on them and hopefully draw some of the water from Kali out of of my shorts.  I would have bought new shorts, but they didn’t have any.  By the time the rain let up, we decided to go ahead and leave Animal Kingdom and head over to Animal Kingdom Lodge to look around that resort before our dinner reservations at Boma.





We were able to get into Boma’s a little early and really enjoyed our dinner here.  It was the first time we had ate at this restaurant and it is now probably one of our favorites.  It was really good and I know we will definitely go back again.

After dinner, we had to take the bus from Animal Kingdom Lodge to Hollywood Studios.  That seemed like the best way to get back to our resort area.  We decided since we were at Hollywood, we might as well go in and ride a few rides.  Of course, Taylor wanted to go ride Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster…she’s hooked!! 🙂


Michael and Zachary decided to ride the Tower of Terror, so Taylor and I walked around and looked in a few of the stores while we waited for them.


It had been a long day, so we headed back to the boat dock to go to our resort.


Right outside the gates of Hollywood Studios, there is a Monsters University Topiary scene.  Too cute!!We got off the boat at the Swan and Dolphin Resort boat dock.  We had learned that if you are going to The Boardwalk Resort, it is quicker to get off at the Swan and Dolphin…or as the boat captains called it, “The Swalphin”, and walk over to The Boardwalk.  This saves you about 10 minutes or so.  As we were walking across the bridge to get to The Boardwalk, the fireworks at Epcot were going off.


We had been told by one of the cast members that he thought the best way to use a snack credit was to go to the ice cream shop at The Boardwalk and get the sundae.  So, we decided to take his advice and end our day with a sundae.