Disney World May 2015 – Day 6!

Since we had went to Blizzard Beach already, we decided to give Typhoon Lagoon a try.  It was supposed to be rainy on this day, so we knew we needed to get up and go early.  We did have some issues getting to Typhoon Lagoon. You have to take a Downtown Disney bus to get to Typhoon Lagoon.  The bus we got on said Downtown Disney/Typhoon Lagoon.  We even asked the bus driver to make sure.  Once we got to Downtown Disney, then the driver decided to go through the Port Orleans resorts.  I don’t know if this is a normal route to get to Typhoon Lagoon, but keep this is mind if you do take a bus to Typhoon Lagoon.  We were on the bus for an hour.

We were all a little tired of being on the bus once we got there, but were never more happy to get off a bus!  This is why we always stay at the Deluxe Resorts when we go to Disney…less time spent on busses since the resorts are close enough to some parks to either walk, take the monorail or a boat.  Okay…back to Typhoon Lagoon 🙂

ShipwreckThe story behind Typhoon Lagoon is that it was once a really nice tropical paradise and one day it was hit by a typhoon. Boats, surfboards and fishing equipment were scattered and you can see this throughout the park.  The main centerpiece is “Miss Tilly” a shrimp boat that was flung to the top of Mount Mayday during the storm.


Theming around this park is really fun.  You never know what you are going to see sticking out of a tree.

While we were there, Michael and Zachary rode a lot of the slides.  Taylor was really interested in the wave pool…the Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool.  The surf pool has 6 ft waves that happen every couple of minutes. It is crazy!  You really have to watch yourself because the waves can be strong.  I was knocked off my feet a few times. You can also schedule surf lessons before the park opens.






The walls by the wave pool that seem to be holding a lot of water back 🙂


While my family had fun in the surf pool, I walked around the park and took a few photos.  There is a Shark Reef that you can snorkel in with the fish.

SharkReef_! SharkReef_2

There are lots of fun water slides and a lazy river called Castaway Creek.



After spending several hours at Typhoon Lagoon, we decided to head back to our resort to clean up.  We had dinner that night at Magic Kingdom at Tony’s Town Square.

We arrived at the Magic Kingdom just in time to see the Festival of Fantasy Parade on Main Street.


We had fast passes for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, so that was our first ride. Then, we rode the Tomorrowland People Mover.  I love the People Mover!  So, it is a must on every trip!!

PeopleMover_1 PeopleMover_2


Our next Fast Pass was for Big Thunder Mountain.  We had a little bit of time before our fast pass window, so we decided to head to Tom Sawyer’s Island.  On the way, the kids did have to try to pull the sword from the stone.  They try on every trip and one of these days one of them is going to get that sword out!  Someone please make this happen!

SwordStone_Z2015 SwordStone_T2015

After they tried and didn’t succeed, we headed on over to Tom Sawyer’s Island.  This was a first for Michael and Zachary.  Taylor and I had explored it before.  It really is a nice area to get away from all the crowds and you kind of forget you are in the middle of a busy theme park.  I highly recommend checking it out (if you haven’t) just as a nice, quiet place to get away. There are also some really good photo spots from the island. BeckyThatcher



I love the photo (above) that I got of the Liberty Belle going around the corner by Big Thunder Mountain.

After we explored the island, walked across the barrel bridge, went through caves and wondered around Fort Sam Clemens, it was time for our Big Thunder Mountain fast pass.

Big Thunder was fun as always.  We rode a few more rides and then decided to head back towards Tomorrowland. We stopped for a cool parade picture on the way. Love that Goofy is on the float behind us during the “Move It! Shake It! Dance and Play it! Street Party Parade”.



We stopped and watched The Incredible Dance Party for a little while.  Of course, our kids were too cool to get out and dance with The Incredibles.  I believe that if you want to interact with The Incredibles, this is the only place to do so.  They have recently closed the Art of Animation at Hollywood Studios where you could meet The Incredibles.


While we were deciding what to do next, Taylor decided she would be brave and give Space Mountain a try!  This was HUGE!!  We have been trying to talk her into Space Mountain for a long time.



We got off of Space Mountain and she loved it!  We had to go to Tony’s for dinner, but after we were done with dinner, she wanted to go back again.  I think we rode it 3 times that evening!

On our way to dinner, we stopped for another picture with the castle.


Dinner was good.  But, in my opinion it was not the best Italian food at Disney World.  I would rather go back to Tutto Italia in Epcot or even Mama Melrose’s and use the Fantasmic! package.  But, we did try it and it was a restaurant we had never ate at before.  I had tried to book our dinner time so that we might be able to see the parade that evening.  We were not able to get a seat on the patio, I asked at the podium, but they didn’t have any tables available.  So, if you are able to get a seat on the patio at Tony’s and have a good view of the parade, consider yourself very lucky.

We had a good day and after dinner rode a few more rides and then headed back to Bay Lake Tower to get ready for our last full day at Disney World.  One thing the kids wanted to do before we left was ride the Astro Orbiter at night, so we made sure they were able to do that!AstroOrbitor