Disneyland – Day 2!!

Our second day at Disneyland, we got up early and went to Disneyland Park!! Main Street looked very pretty with all the Christmas decorations.



Sleeping Beauty’s castle was covered in snow.  It is much smaller than Cinderella’s castle at the Magic Kingdom.


So, I have always wanted to ride The Matterhorn.  We convinced Taylor to ride it so that we could all ride it together.  It didn’t take very long until we were in our bobsled and going up the mountain and then racing back down it.  I loved it.  Taylor didn’t like it at all, but we were very proud of her for at least riding it.  Zachary loved it and Michael thought it was jerky.

After The Matterhorn, we went to the Finding Nemo Submarines.  It was fun and cute.



After the Subs, we headed on into Tomorrowland.  We rode Star Tours and then went across to Buzz Lightyear’s ride.


After Buzz, Michael and Zachary headed to Space Mountain.  Taylor and I went into StarCade to look around.  There we found the Wreck it Ralph video game.  We both took turns playing the game and then looked around the store for a bit.  Before we left on our trip, we couldn’t find Taylor’s princess ears.  So, we found her a pair of Tinkerbell ears while we waited on the boys.  Then, we all met back up again and the kids and Michael played Wreck It Ralph again.


Our next stop was Autopia.  We all got our “license.”  Taylor and I rode together in a car…she steered and I managed the gas.  Zachary was tall enough to get in his own car.  He was so proud.  They are both growing up too fast.




After Autopia, we went back to Fantasyland and Michael and the kids rode the Teacups.  I found a good spot to take photos.  They make me too dizzy, so I usually don’t ride them.  It is a different set up than the teacup ride at Disney World.  These are completely outside…no little roof area and there are lanterns strung above the teacups.  It also looked like there were less cups.



After the Teacups and riding the Alice in Wonderland Ride, we decided to see what the Storybook Land boats were like. It was cute.  The boat takes you through Storybook Land and you see miniature versions of different story scenes.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs cute little cottage.


Cinderella’s Castle


We were going to ride It’s a Small World, but the line was really long, so we headed to ToonTown instead. We rode Roger Rabbit’s Toon Car Toon Spin.  Then, had lunch in Toon Town.  So cute and Toon Town at Disneyland is presented much better than ToonTown at Disney World was.





All the cute counter service walk-up restaurants in Toon Town.


Goofy’s house.


We left Toon Town and walked over to Frontierland.  Michael and Zachary rode Big Thunder Mountain while Taylor and I hung out and looked at Pin Traders.  After the boys rode the ride, Zachary and I went back and rode Big Thunder Mountain.

Then, we headed over to Pirates of the Caribbean, rode that.  Michael and Zachary decided to go ride The Haunted Mansion.  Taylor didn’t want to, so her and I headed back to Toon Town to wait in line so she could ride Go Gadget’s coaster.  It’s a lot like Goofy’s Barnstormer at Disney World.


Chip and Dale’s Tree House.


More ToonTown Buildings.


We met back up with Zachary and Michael.  We had dinner at The Carnation Cafe on Main Street.  Zachary wanted Fried Pickles and Taylor decided to try the Baked Potato Soup appetizer.





After another busy day, we headed back to our room.  Only one day left at Disneyland!