Disney’s Pop Century Resort Photo Review

Disney’s Pop Century Resort

Are you ready to step back into some of the favorite decades of the 20th Century? Disney’s Pop Century Resort will take you back through the decades and fun fads of the 1950s through the 1990s.  This is a fun, popular Disney Value Resort. 

Giant numbers at entrance of Pop Century Resort

Disney’s Pop Century Classic Hall

Walking through the lobby, which is known as Classic Hall, is like a walk down pop culture memory lane.  There are so many shadow boxes on the walls with all kinds of toys and different items through the decades.  It’s always fun to look around and find a favorite childhood toy or things you remember from grandma’s house. 

Shadow boxes on lobby wall in Pop Century Resort.

Pop Culture items in lobby.

Shadow Box.  I remember my grandma used to have the mushroom kitchen set. 

As you walk through Classic Hall, you will also see the big Everything Pop store.  This is a large gift shop and the food court dining area for the resort.  The food court has a lot to chose from…everything from burgers, sandwiches, salads, pasta, pizza and breakfast.  With the My Disney Experience app, you can also use Mobile Order at the food court!  I love Mobile Order…it is so easy and less standing in line!  

Everything Pop Shopping and Dining.

Other fun things to check out while you are in the lobby area are the Fast Forward Arcade and Caricature Stand. 

Pop Century Resort Arcade

Pop Century Caricature Stand.

Disney’s Pop Century Guest Room

The guest rooms at Disney’s Pop Century Resort have went through major renovations over the last few years and the renovations were completed in 2018.  With the renovations, the guest rooms now feature 2 Queen-size beds, instead of 2 Double beds. One bed is a regular Queen-size bed and the other is a Queen-size Murphy pull-down bed. With the second bed being a Murphy bed, this will allow for more room during the day when the bed is not needed.  It simply goes back up and becomes a dining table.

I love the changes they have made to the guest rooms. They feel brighter and more open.  The art backdrops behind the beds are fun and adorable.  I love that the one bed can be put away to make more room when it is not needed.  The bed is really comfortable too!  The beds sit higher off the floor to give guests under bed storage for luggage.  

Two Queen-size beds in Pop Century guest room.

Queen-size Murphy Bed with cute Pluto backdrop.

Pluto Backdrop on Murphy Bed

Mickey art behind regular Queen-size bed.

Dining Table in Guest Room when Murphy bed is up.

Pulling down Murphy Bed.

Pop Century Resort Room bathroom with a barn door sliding door. 

Pop Century bathroom closet and ironing board.  


Pop Century has 3 resort pools.  The main resort pool is the Hippy Dippy Pool. It is located in the middle of the resort by the Classic Hall. Pop Century has two smaller quiet pools as well.  The Bowling Pin pool is located closer in the 1950s area of the resort.  The Computer Pool is by the 1980s and 1990s area of the resort.  

Pop Century’s Main Pool area, the Hippy Dippy Pool

Hippy Dippy Pool featuring a Flower Shower

Around Pop Century


As you walk around the different sections of Pop Century, you will see giant reminders of these decades.  In the 1950s section, there are giant bowling pins and a giant Lady and the Tramp. 

Giant Bowling Pin at Pop Century Resort

Pop Century 1950s Building


In the 1960s, you will see this adorable statue of Mowgli and Baloo from the Jungle Book and the buildings are decorated with fun 1960s Flower Power flowers.  

Mowgli and Baloo statue from The Jungle Book

1960s buildings Flowers

Goofy statue and giant yo yo are located at corner of 1960s building as you are walking to 1970s. 


In the 1970s section of the resort, you will find a giant big wheel, a full Foosball court and that giant Mickey telephone that I wanted when I was a kid! 

Giant Big Wheel at Pop Century Resort

Foosball court and Mickey Phone

Giant Mickey Phone

Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of my own of the 1980s or 1990s area of the resort.  There are giant Rubix Cubes, cell phones and computers to depict those decades. 


Pop Century is located near Hollywood Studios and Epcot with easy access to both of these parks on the Disney Skyliner.  The Disney Skyliner station is located at the Generation Gap Bridge over Hourglass Lake between Pop Century and Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.  There are also resort buses available to take guests to all four Disney theme parks, the two Disney water parks and Disney Springs.  

Disney Skyliner station at Pop Century.

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