Disney’s Vero Beach Day 2!!!

Vero Beach Day 2!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

This was probably one of my favorite days.  We spent the first part of the day at the pool and the ocean.  The kids had a blast!


The pool at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort has a really fun lighthouse slide!





While everyone was having fun in the pool, I decided to walk around the pool area and take a few photos.

I first saw this pirate boat called, “Tiger Lily.”  It is a splash pad play area for younger kids.  There are several references to Peter Pan around the resort.


Next, I went to Eb & Flo’s Rentals.  You can rent almost anything you need for a day at the pool or beach.  This is also where dirty pool towels are turned in for clean ones!


The Rental sign at Eb & Flo’s shows all the prices for Disney Vacation Club members and Resort Guests.


There is also a sign that shows all of the different activities that happen around the resort.  Just go to Eb & Flo’s to sign up for any activities.  At the front desk, all guests will receive a guide with all of the activities for the week.


All around the resort, there are beautiful flowers.



The kids swam for a little bit in the pool and then we decided to go to the ocean.  It looked like it could rain and we didn’t want them to miss any chance.  We had went out the night before and bought sand castle buckets.


Everyone had a blast playing in the ocean.  We definitely stayed way too long.  Everyone walked away with a sunburn.  But, it was fun!!! The kids built a sandcastle, played in the Atlantic Ocean and we examined the seaweed that had washed ashore.




We took lots of photos around the beach area.










Michael wanted to try a boogie board.  He tried to rent one, but they were all taken.  So, they gave him one for free that was on it’s last leg.  It worked just fine and they all had a great time!



When I asked the kids if they were hungry for lunch, Taylor told me that she wasn’t hungry because she has swallowed half the ocean!  We eventually left the beach and went back to the pool area to eat lunch at the counter service pool side restaurant called, Bleachers.  We sat by the pool and ate our lunch.  Then, we headed back to our room to clean and rest up a bit before our exciting evening activity!!


We were going out on a tour with the conservation department to look for Loggerhead Sea Turtles!!  This ended up being a definite highlight of our trip!We found a great little Italian restaurant to eat at that was right on the ocean and not too far from where we were going.We arrived at the Archie Carr Conservation Department around 8:30 p.m.  I had booked this tour months ahead of time and because we are Disney Vacation Club members, we were able to book our spot a month before the regular public.We went inside the conservation building and met our guide, Heather.  We sat in the auditorium and she told us all about the 3 different sea turtles and how we were going to go out and try to see a Loggerhead lay her eggs.  The Loggerhead is not as endangered as the Green or the Leatherback, so that was why we could see that particular turtle.  After a great presentation, we all walked down to the boardwalk together to get ready for a night of turtle watching.Besides the 4 of us, there was a couple from Canada and then a group/family of 7-8 people.  They usually take 20 people out per turtle walk nights.  There was another group that didn’t show up.We stood on the boardwalk for about 5-10 minutes when we saw the first sea turtle emerge from the ocean.  We couldn’t believe our luck!!!  That didn’t last long because the turtle did a false crawl…meaning it only came onto the beach so far and turned around and went back to the ocean.  It was also a Green Turtle…not one we could watch.  The scouts were going up and down the beach looking for turtles and after a few hours, still had not seen a loggerhead.  We were starting to give up hope.  The one larger family had already left and the kids were tired and begging to go home.  It was around 11:30 p.m. when one of the scouts radioed in that he had a loggerhead and she was making her nest.  We walked .25 miles down the beach (dodging sea turtles that were coming out of the ocean) until we got to her.  We got a very up close look at her and watched her lay all her eggs…over 100.  The kids named her Ms Mary Potter.  Then, they got to help push the sand back up around her back flippers so she could cover her nest.  It was quite amazing to be this close to this turtle.  She probably weighed 300 lbs. and was so gentle and didn’t seem to mind that we were right there next to her.  She finally made her way back into the ocean and we started walking back down the beach to the boardwalk.  It was almost 2 a.m. before we made it back to our room.I wasn’t able to take any photos of this because that is strictly forbidden.  If you ever get the chance to see a sea turtle at night, please remember that the white light from camera flashes or light bulbs really confuse them.  It is not fair to them just for a picture.  I was okay with this.  I felt like we were already kind of invading and I wasn’t going to do anything at all that could harm them or confuse them.  They know that the white they see is the sea foam and that helps guide them back to the ocean.  The white lights are a problem with that.  Our guides used red flashlights to be able to see while we were out on the dark beach.We definitely learned a lot about Loggerheads and it was also worth all of the nasty noseeum bites that we got…even though we bathed in bug spray!