It’s Raining, Now What?

No one ever wants to look at the weather forecast and see rainy days while they are on vacation at Disney World. However, when this happens, know that your day is not ruined.

Enjoying a rainy day at Magic Kingdom.

First, if you see rain in the forecast, the chance of it being an all-day rain is slim. In the summer, it isn’t a typical day unless it rains in the afternoon. The typical summer storm usually lasts for a short period of time. For my family, when these pop-up storms happen, we put on our rain ponchos and keep going. This can be a great time to take a break, shop in some stores or enjoy some of the rides, attractions and shows that are inside. It’s also a great time to meet some of the characters that have indoor meet and greets. 

If we are at Magic Kingdom, this is a great time to ride Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan’s Flight or it’s a small world, plus a few others. If you wanted to see some shows or more interactive experiences, you could go to Enchanted Tales with Belle, go see Mickey’s Philharmagic, check out Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, relax during Carousel of Progress or watch Country Bear Jamboree or the Enchanted Tiki Room…to name a few. Meeting characters is also fun to do when it’s raining.  There are several characters, including Mickey, that have indoor meeting locations! 

Manatees in Epcot at The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion.

If you are at Epcot, head into The Land Pavilion and ride Soarin’ and Living with the Land, you could also grab a bite to eat at Sunshine Seasons. If you are close to The Seas with Nemo and Friends, you can go in and check out all the cool sea life (they have dolphins and manatees ❤️), plus you could hop in a clam shell and ride The Seas with Nemo and Friends or take your kids to Turtle Talk with Crush. Of course there are other rides like Spaceship Earth and Journey into Your Imagination and Mission: SPACE  that are inside. If you are in the World Showcase, spend time exploring the countries. You could go to the Mexico Pavilion and look around there and ride The Grand Fiesta Tour or go see one of the shows like Reflections of China in the China Pavilion. Don’t forget Frozen Ever After and Meeting Anna and Elsa in the Norway Pavilion!

Lightning McQueen during Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy at Hollywood Studios.

At Hollywood Studios, there are several shows to see like Beauty and the Beast, Muppet Vision 3-D, Frozen Sing- Along Celebration or the NEW Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy. Rides like Toy Story Mania!, Star Tours and Rock ‘n Roller Coaster are inside. Or you could head over to Star Wars Launch Bay and meet some pretty fun Star Wars characters. Plus there are quite a few stores that you can look around in and do a little shopping.

Rainbow over the floating rocks in Pandora – The World of AVATAR at Animal Kingdom.

At Animal Kingdom, both of the rides in Pandora, Flight of Passage and Na’Vi River Journey are inside rides. On my last trip, it started raining while we were there and we had Fast Pass+ reservations for Flight of Passage. Once we were done riding, we stayed in the store for a little bit. The rain cleared up and we walked outside to a really cool rainbow that was right over the floating rocks. Pretty amazing!! You could also head over to Dinosaur and ride that. Shows like Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo – The Musical or It’s Tough to be a Bug! are also great places to go while you wait out the rain. 

So know that all is not lost and your day is not ruined if it starts to rain or you see rain in the forecast during your vacation.  Just grab your umbrella or put on a poncho and have fun!  Maybe you will even get to see the Rainy Day Parade at the Magic Kingdom! For more information on my FREE Disney planning services, contact me at