Spring Break 2013 – Disney Dream Day 2

Spring Break 2013 – Disney Dream Day 2

Monday, March 11, 2013

Our first day to wake up on the ship. We were in Nassau, Bahamas for the day.  We headed to Cabana’s for breakfast.   Every morning, I enjoyed Eggs Benedict.  So yummy.


While the ship was coming into the port, we walked around to see the first sites of Nassau. We took a few photos of the Atlantis resort behind us as it was coming into our view.


I just loved this little lighthouse that welcomed us into Nassau.  You can see the waves behind it.  The seas were a little rocky!


Before we ventured out of the ship and explored Nassau, there was a meet and greet that Taylor really wanted to be a part of.  The princesses were greeting everyone in the atrium/lobby.   While we waited in line to meet the princesses, Peter Pan came around and met with everyone in line. Zachary was okay with meeting Peter Pan, but he played the part of the videographer while Taylor met the princesses.  Ariel did call him handsome.
We left the ship and were “officially” in Nassau!


Before we had left on our trip, we had looked through excursions that were offered through Disney and couldn’t find anything that we wanted to do.  Atlantis looks really neat, but it is expensive and we would have needed to be there all day to make it worth the money we spent.  We researched some things on our own and came across a website for the Pirate Museum of Nassau.  So, we decided to find it and go there.



It was really neat.  There was a pirate ship that you could walk through, all sorts of facts about pirates that came through Nassau and different relics from pirates.  Zachary loved it.




As we were finishing up, we went into a courtyard area of the museum.  This crazy pirate was there and put Zachary in the stockade. Zachary thought this was the funniest thing.





We walked around Nassau for a little while. We tried to find the Queen’s Staircase, but were not successful.  The kids were also a little nervous.  The taxi drivers here really try to sell their services and will follow you around a little.  The traffic is also nuts!


We headed back to the ship so we could eat lunch and ride the AquaDuck!



After some pool time, the kids decided they wanted to go to the Oceaneer’s Club for a while.  Michael and I decided to take a character drawing class.  We learned how to draw Donald Duck.

Dream38 Dream39

We then saw there was a tour getting ready to start that would take us to areas of the ship we hadn’t been too…mainly, Remy and Palo.  These are the two adult-only restaurants on the ship.  You have to have separate dining reservations to eat at these restaurants.  Maybe someday we will decide to try them out, for now though, we are perfectly fine eating at the main dining restaurants.  It was cool to see these restaurants and to see them while they are empty.

We first went into Palo.  This is a northern Italian restaurant.


Palo was very nice.  The glass lighting on the ceiling when you walk in (pictured below), represents spaghetti and meatballs.  How cool is that?



Next, we went to Remy.  It is based on the movie, Ratatouille.


There are little Remy’s all over the restaurant.  The one in the photo below is made of crystal.


John Lasseter, Pixar films, has a collection of wine bottles on display at Remy that he has signed.  Each bottle represents a Pixar movie.  Pretty cool!


After our tour was over, Michael and I walked around the ship a little more. In the photo below, you can see where the AquaDuck starts out.  This photo was taken from the Adult-only pool deck area looking down the ship.


Another photo of Atlantis.


Zachary really thought it would be awesome to live in the house in the photo below.  Can you imagine…your front and backyard is the ocean!


This guy was strapped to the side of the ship and was painting it.  I can’t imagine being so high up with nothing but water below you.


We finally went and got the kids so we could get ready for dinner. Zachary loves lounging in the porthole windows.


This night we ate at the Royal Palace.  One of our servers, Giselle, offered to take a photo of us.


Giselle took care of our bread needs…at the Royal Palace, it was served in a coach.


This is a really cool light fixture inside the restaurant.  It’s hard to really see the detail of it, but around the light are glass slippers.


After dinner, Taylor and I got a chance to meet Minnie!


We headed to the Walt Disney Theater so we could watch one of our favorite productions, “Villains, Tonight!”.  Such a fun show.  Hades has lost his evil touch and needs help from the other Villains to learn to be evil again.

When we went back to our room, we found this swan and chocolates on our bed.