Spring Break 2013 – Disney Dream day 3

Spring Break 2013 – Disney Dream day 3

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This is one of my favorite days on a Disney cruise!  Going to Disney’s private island…Castaway Cay (looks like “Kay”, but pronounced “Key”).  It is beautiful.  Quick fact…Castaway Cay is the same island that the beach scenes in the movie Splash were filmed at.  Cool, huh?

We woke up early and looked out our window to  see the barrier reef area out our window!


We headed to Cabana’s for a yummy breakfast as the boat continued to pull into port.


As soon as we could, we got off the ship to start our day at Castaway Cay!


There are so many fun things to see and do along the way to the beach areas.  I love this.  It is called, Mount Rustmore!  During the day, different characters will come to this spot for meet and greets.  We missed them every time because we were off having fun somewhere else, but I made sure to at least get a picture of the kids in front of it.


We headed towards the Pelican Plunge beach area.  The kids were really excited to get out to the slides.  You have to swim out to them and the water in that area is probably around 7 ft. deep.  The water was freezing…although, I was told once you got in, it felt better.  I couldn’t get in passed my ankles, so I left Pelican Plunge up to Michael and the kids and stood on the sand and took photos.






I bet they slid the slides of Pelican Plunge 20 times.  While they did that, I walked around a bit and explored.  I got this shot of the Dream from the Pelican Plunge area.


After the kids were done with the slide, they wanted to go to the other beach area with the ropes.  It was here that they built a giant mound of a sandcastle.  Wonder if it is still standing or if someone has finally toppled it over.  It was like a mountain!




After we ate lunch at Cookies.  The BBQ buffet restaurant on the island.  We decided to get in line for the crab races.  Our family was the first one in line.  The goal was for the crabs to move to the outer circle.  We were team Mickey Mouse and our crab’s name was Peter Pan.  Let me tell you, Peter Pan did not live up to his name.  He did not fly, he did not move.  He was the only crab who didn’t come out of his shell for the whole race.  The kids yelled and screamed and cheered him on and he never moved.  Other crabs walked over him and he just stayed put.  Finally, the guy in charge of the race picked him up…checked to see if he was alive and moved him right to the finish line. That crab still came in last.  Even though we did not win, it was still fun!





After the race was over, the kids wanted to go to the kids area for a while.  Michael and I walked around the island and then decided to head back to the Dream to clean up and get ready for the evening.




We cleaned up and got ready for dinner.  This was Pirate’s Night on the ship!!  Such a fun night!  We ate at Animator’s Palate…but it was made over for Pirate’s Night.  We were also assigned to eat there the next night to have the experience of Crush the Turtle from Finding Nemo.


Below is a photo of the kids with Val.  He was our main server.  I think he was from Romania. He was so nice and tried so hard to get Taylor to talk to him. She was definitely playing the shy card. We were never able to get a photo with Giselle…our other server. Disney cruise ships have Rotational Dining…which is where the servers follow you from restaurant to restaurant.  You have the same servers through the entire cruise and they really get to know your family and the things that you like. For us, the dinner servers are the ones that we get to know the best and are like friends before the cruise is over.


After dinner we headed up to the pool deck for the start of Pirate Night.






After the Mickey Pirate show, we went back inside the ship to play a few pirate games.  Taylor met up with Chip and Dale. Chip and Dale were so much fun.  They danced with her and played around like one would be jealous of the other if Taylor was giving attention to only one.  So fun!


Before long, it was time for the big Pirate party to start.  This is the one with Captain Jack!!!  He repels down the smokestack of the ship in front of the FunnelVision…that is what they call the large screen on the pool deck.  They play movies on it all day so you can be in the pool and watch a favorite Disney movie.


The best thing about this pirate party is that it is the one that starts off the fireworks at sea.  Right now, the Disney Cruise line is the only cruise line that does fireworks at sea.  We were told that they can do them because their fireworks are environmentally friendly.  They remains of them turn into fish food when they fall into the water.



After the fireworks, it was time for Club Pirate.  The big dance party.  We stayed for a little bit, but the kids were getting really tired and ready for bed.


When we went back to our room, we were greeted by this cute towel monkey!