Spring Break 2013 – Disney Dream day 4

Spring Break 2013 – Disney Dream day 4

March 13, 2013

This was our one and only day to be completely at sea.  We got up and started our day by having breakfast at Cabana’s.  Always good.  After breakfast, the kids wanted to go to the Oceaneer’s Club for a little bit.  Michael and I decided to walk around the ship.  We took a stroll along Deck 4.  We could see a lot of other ships in the ocean.  It was cloudy and a little cooler, but still a nice day.

We had decided that day that we were going to see “Oz the Great and Powerful”.  It was showing in 3D in the Walt Disney Theatre.  So, we went and got the kids and headed to the movies.

Zachary needed to stop and take a look out one of the porthole windows!


We waited for a few minutes for the theater to open.  Zachary decided he needed to rest…must have been really busy in the Oceaneer’s Club!


The movie was awesome!  We all loved it! It was neat to be in that theatre to watch a movie.  There is a movie theatre on board the ship called, The Buena Vista Theatre, but for this showing of “Oz”, they had decided to show it in the Walt Disney Theatre…where all of the live productions are shown.

When the movie was over, we ran into Captain Hook and Mr. Smee.


Mr. Smee really liked the video camera that Michael was holding.  The video of this is pretty funny!


After the movie, we decided to go back to the pool area for a little while.  The kids and Michael rode the AquaDuck a few more times… I didn’t want to. It was really windy and a little cold.  So, I played the role of wimp and stayed in dry clothes 🙂

It wasn’t long that it was time for dinner.  We were going back to Animator’s Palate, but this time it wasn’t Pirate night and we would be able to experience the restaurant with Crush (from “Finding Nemo”).

This restaurant is so much fun. I love how Crush comes out and talks to the people eating.



Finally, he made his way to the restaurant!  If you have been to Disney World and have done “Turtle Talk with Crush,” this restaurant is kind of the same thing.  It is a lot of fun!!


Crush and his friends finally left and it was time to go back to the Walt Disney Theatre to watch our last live show of the cruise, “Disney’s Believe.” It is a really good show.  Makes you wish your kids would slow down, not grow up so fast and that we as parents would slow down and take in everything that our kids have to offer us.  I won’t lie…I felt the tears coming more than a few times.  What a great show to end a great cruise with!

We went back to our stateroom to find a really cool turtle on our bed…wonder if it was Crush?