Spring Break 2013 Disney World day 1

Spring Break 2013 Disney World day 1

March 14, 2013

We got up early and got off the ship pretty much as soon as the doors were open.  It was really nice…the lines were really short, we didn’t have to wait anytime at all to go through customs and because we had done the express check-out service, we had all of our luggage with us, so we didn’t have to go find it.  Usually, you are asked to leave your luggage outside of your stateroom door the night before disembarkation day and they collect your luggage for you and then you have to get it once you are off the ship.  But, we didn’t do that and even though we had to haul our luggage around ourselves, it made for getting off the ship a lot quicker.

It wasn’t long before we were back at the Country Inn and Suites Hotel and were in our car heading to Disney World!!!!  As we drove out of Port Canaveral, we could see the Disney Dream.


It wasn’t too long before we were driving under the fun Walt Disney World welcoming sign!


We made our way to Disney World without getting lost and we found the Beach Club without any problems.  Usually we take the Magical Express and never have to worry about directions.  So, this was a first for us.

We got to the resort a lot earlier than any of us thought we would.  We were there by 9:30.  Of course, our room was not ready, but we were able to get checked in, leave our bags with bell services and most importantly, head to Epcot!!!  From the Beach Club, Epcot is about a 5 minute walk.  You enter into the World Showcase area. We got in and headed straight for Test Track.  When we were at Disney last summer, Test Track was closed, so we wanted to see what they had done to it.  It is still the same ride, except now while you are waiting in line, you can create your own car.




It was on this day, that Michael’s brother, Martin, and Martin’s girlfriend, Melinda, were flying into Orlando to meet us at Disney World.  They had never really been on a Disney World vacation.  They had both been to Disney for meetings with their jobs, but had never really been there for the purpose of a vacation.  So, while we waited for them to text us to tell us they were on their way, we made our way around Epcot.  Of course, Taylor wanted to go to the Imagination Pavilion and ride Journey into Imagination with Figment.  She loves this ride…I do too!!

Epcot16 Epcot17

We also made sure to get fastpasses for Soarin’, so that when Martin and Melinda made it, we could all ride it together.  It’s a good thing we did because like always, it ran out of fastpasses before the afternoon was over!

We slowly made our way back to the World Showcase…it opens at 11 a.m. and was open.  We were heading to our favorite counter service restaurant for lunch, Boulangerie Patisserie, in the French Pavilion.

On our way, we went through the area dedicated to “Oz the Great and Powerful.”


During this time of year at Epcot, it is the Flower and Garden Festival.  So, there are a lot of topiaries everywhere.  It’s so neat to see all the things they can create.  We saw the Peter Pan and Captain Hook topiary in Great Britain.


After a good lunch, we walked around the World Showcase.  Zachary was wanting to ride Maelstrom…the Norwegian water ride.  At the entrance of the Norway Pavilion, we found this cute troll!


Zachary loves the troll that is in the store you walk through once you have finished Maelstrom.  Everytime we go, we make sure to get a picture of the kids with the troll…one of our many Disney “growth chart” areas 🙂

Epcot21 Epcot22

We finished walking around the World Showcase.  We had received a text from Martin and Melinda saying that they were on the Magical Express.  We started to make our way back to the Beach Club, but first we needed a picture with Duffy, Mickey Mouse’s teddy bear.


We went back to the Beach Club…good thing it’s only about a 5 minute walk to Epcot!  We got there right as the Magical Express bus was pulling in.  While Martin and Melinda got their check in finished up, I took a few pictures of the kids in the lobby and around the back entrance of the Beach Club.





We went back to Epcot.  We had a few issues with our Key To The World cards when we reentered Epcot.  It’s a long story that I don’t want to go into.  Anyway, because of our troubles, the guy at guest relations was nice enough to give us a written fast pass to any ride we wanted to ride!  Michael had to ask him if he would do that…he didn’t just offer it up.  But, it just goes to show that sometimes it never hurts to ask!

So, we walked through the World Showcase.  Stopped on the bridge between Great Britain and France for a quick photo…our first group photo of the trip!


We walked through all the countries.  The kids always like to try on the hats in Morocco.

Epcot24 Epcot23

We made a stop in Italy.  Michael had went to Norway to get us all fast passes for Maelstrom.


Once we met Michael, we made our way to Norway so Martin and Melinda could ride Maelstrom…per Zachary’s request.


After Maelstrom, we went to Mexico and rode the Three Caballeros! After that, we walked over to Test Track and got on really quick with our fast pass 🙂

Then, they were all off to go ride Mission: Space.


By this time, our fast passes for Soarin’ were ready to be used.  So glad we thought ahead and got them early in the day!

After Soarin’, it was almost time for our dinner reservations at The Garden Grill.  This restaurant is located at Epcot in the Land Pavilion…the same one that Soarin’ is located in.  It is a rotating restaurant…takes about 1 hour for it to complete a full rotation.  It is hosted by Chip and Dale with Mickey and Pluto there too! Pluto came by twice while we were there…since he had already visited with us once, he gave puppy kisses to the kids. So sweet! Little tip:  I have people ask me from time to time how to tell the difference between Chip and Dale…Chip’s nose is dark like a chocolate Chip!






After our yummy dinner, we decided to go to the Seas Pavilion and ride the Nemo ride and then see the aquariums.  The kids always like to have their picture taken inside Bruce the sharks mouth!



By this time it was dark and time for us to make our way to the World Showcase to watch Illuminations.  The show was amazing as always.  As we walked to find a good spot to watch the show, we stopped in Canada for a quick photo!