What to pack in your Disney Park Bag

When you are preparing for your day at one of the theme parks at Disney World or Disneyland, you want to make sure you have essentials with you.  Some people don’t like carrying a bag into the Disney parks because they don’t want to go through the bag check line.  Others feel they need to pack everything with them.  I am right in the middle.  There are some days when I go to a park and I only take my phone and a charging stick in my pocket.  Other times, I know I need a few more things and like to take a small bag.  I like to find a bag with minimal zippers.  The more zippers and pockets your bag has, the longer it is going to take for security to look through it at bag check to get inside the park.  

A few things you might want to consider packing in your bag when going to a Disney park.

There are some things that I really need and taking a bag is worth going through the line at bag check.  Some of my favorite things to take into the parks are: 

  • Travel-size Sunscreen.  I always put sunscreen on before I head out for the day, but usually need to reapply after lunch. 
  • My phone with a portable charger and cord.  Using your phone to check on things in your My Disney Experience account or for taking photos or videos, does use up the battery so a portable charger is always a must. 
  • Magical Vacations, LLC Itinerary Book.  This is our guide book to help you navigate the parks. 
  • Hand Sanitizer and sometimes travel Lysol wipes.  The Lysol wipes are good to wipe off tables and hand sanitizer because you touch a lot of things that others have also touched.  
  • Bandaids or Moleskin.  You walk a lot at Disney, you never know when you might get a blister. 
  • Cooling Cloth.  In the summer, you will be happy you have a cool cloth. 
  • Poncho.  Especially at Disney World. You are in Florida.  There is a chance that it will rain at some point while you are there.  I buy the really inexpensive ponchos that I can toss after I have used. 
  • Water Bottle with flavored drop-in powder.  I’m not a fan of the way Florida water tastes, so I like to have flavored packets with me to make the water taste better. 
  • Park Maps. These can be picked up at the park entrance or your Disney resort. 

Other items you might need are:

  • Autograph books and a good pen. 
  • Ziplock bags to put things in if you go on a water ride. 
  • Extra outfits for the kids.  When my daughter was younger, she always wanted to dress up like a princess to go to the parks.  But, after a while, she would get tired of the costumes because they would be itchy.  A good ziplock bag to put the glittery princess dress in is a good idea so everything else isn’t covered in glitter. 

A few things to know about taking bags at Disney World and Disneyland. You can take your bag with you on all the rides.  You can also take food and drinks into the parks.  So, you can pack snacks for the day or several bottles of water. When I go, if I don’t take a backpack or a small drawstring bag, then I take a crossbody.  I don’t prefer shoulder bags.  I don’t want to worry about it falling off of my shoulder or making one are more tired than the other.