What’s Your Favorite Mountain?

The Mountains are calling!  Which one are you going to ride first?  Do you have one that is your favorite?  

Space Mountain: 

Space Mountain

Located in Tomorrowland, Space Mountain takes you on a trip through the cosmos in your own rocket ship.  You will go up and down hills and twist around asteroids in the stars.  Space Mountain is such a classic ride.  It is a dark ride as you travel through space.  It has a height requirement of 44″.  It is very popular and if it is a must-do ride, you may want to reserve a Fast Pass+ reservation.  

Splash Mountain: 

Splash Mountain

Are you ready to go to the Laughing Place? Splash Mountain is based on the movie, Song of the South. As you go through the ride, you follow along as Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear try to catch Br’er Rabbit and eventually down the 52-foot-plunge of Chick-a-Pin Hill to the Briar Patch.  I love going through it just to see all the animatronics that are inside. Prepare to get wet! This ride is great for those hot afternoons. When I don’t want to walk around in wet clothes, I have no problem bringing a poncho and wearing that while on the ride. Splash Mountain is located in Frontierland and has a height requirement of 40″.  If it is a must-do on your list, you may want to reserve a Fast Pass+ reservation.  The line can get really long in the warmer weather. 

Big Thunder Mountain:  

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

For me, I saved the best for last.  I love Big Thunder Mountain.  My family has had the most fun on this ride over the years.  It was the first “big” roller coaster that both of my kids were willing to ride.  So, it holds special memories.  It’s also one of my favorite rides in Magic Kingdom to take lots of photos.  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is located in Frontierland.  It is a runaway mine train roller coaster that sits in an area that resembles Monument Valley during the gold rush days.  It has lots of fun hills and curves.  The height requirement is 40″ tall.  A Fast Pass+ reservation is recommended.